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The ISO congratulates Kunshan Venjong for achieving the certification of ISO14001: 2015 Environmental management system

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Description: Congratulate Kunshan Venjong for achieving the certification of ISO14001: 2015

ISO14000 is an international standard for environmental management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The purpose is to strengthen the environmental awareness and management capabilities, to safeguard organizations (companies, enterprises) and improve environmental quality.

ISO14000 certification provides a chance to enter the European and American markets and to overcome international barriers. Enterprises certified with ISO14000 run energy and cost efficient and fulfill high governmental legal requirements. The certificate helps improve the corporate image and enhances competitiveness. Kunshan Venjong Automotive Co., Ltd. received the ISO14001:2015 certification in February of 2018 and expects more development in domestic and overseas market in the future.

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